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Interview with Sarah Tyler-Walters

Sarah Tyler-Walters has been working as a professional trance medium since 2003 and is one of the few trance mediums in the world to deliver a wide range of work accessible through trance: one to one consultations, trance healing, training in trance mediumship (theory & practical), public demonstrations of trance and most rare of all, lectures delivered by Spirit. In a trance, Sarah works with Master Chou, a wise and compassionate Spirit being.

Wiola Zyla: Hello Sarah, thank you for finding the time to talk with me.

Sarah Tyler-Walters: Hello, no problem, that’s fine.

W.Z: I think it may be worth to start our conversation talking about your trance medium work and Master Chou who, as I understand it, is your Spirit Guide?

S.T.-W.: Master Chou is a Spirit communicator. It's a very, very common mistake that he's a guide, he's not. He does not guide me through my life. He is a communicator; he comes to communicate and help people. Not me, we have a working relationship, not a personal relationship, in that sense.

W.Z.: Ah I see, that’s interesting. Who are the Spirit Guides then? Do we all have them?

S.T.W.: Yes, it's an interesting one because there's huge schools of thought about Spirit Guides from only mediums have them to you only have one, or you have millions I’ve heard someone say once.

To me, the school of thought I sit in, is you have three guides from birth to death. They are organised by your highest self before the soul comes down. They are there to work for your soul to help your soul, walk through this life and achieve what it’s here to achieve.

On top of that, you have guides that come in to help you with particular life lessons, so they come and go. And if you are a medium or a healer, you would have a working guide who assists you with that type of work.

W.Z.: Is it similar to what Master Chou does for you?

S.T.-W.: Well, that's the thing Master Chou isn't a working guide because he doesn't help me do my trance, but he comes through just to communicate. So, I have a working mediumship guide who helped me with my mediumship, when I used to do platform as a mental medium, and with developing the trance. So, in that sense – no; Chou is quite specifically a communicator. So, his agenda is to assist humanity either on a one-to-one basis or a group basis, but not to assist me. So, I get my assistance from him by default. It's kind of like you know I sort of get it a bit backhand, you know you'll tell somebody something that's useful, rather than it was aimed at me.

W.Z.: It's so interesting, because I really thought that he’s your guide.

S.T.-W.: People do that all the time they always call everybody a guide. It's kind of like the default thing if you're talking about someone in spirit, that you talk to on a regular basis, it must be a guide. But guide is actually a very specific job role. You know there are boundaries to it, there's an agenda to it, you have to consider who they work for. So, your personal guides actually work for your soul, not you, the personality. So, guides get overused. In the old days, they used to be called their “control”. That was historically, that's how they would have been called, Master Chou would have been called my control.

But that's not a very comfortable word, and also not a very accurate word, because again that could actually have often meant the working guide with the trance medium, not the one doing the speaking. So, it's important to kind of just make some differences, if you like, define more which one you're talking about so guide just gets so overused.

W.Z.: If we all have three guides throughout our lives, how could we connect or communicate with them if we’re not mediums?

S.T.-W.: Okay, because they are there to assist your soul, we are designed to be able to get that assistance. Otherwise, the whole thing is pointless.

So you don't need to be a medium, you don't need fancy techniques, you just need a belief. Because if you don't believe they exist you will make it much harder to communicate, they will still be helping your soul, but you as a personality will have put a barrier there.

So first things first, believe or accept that it's possible. Once you do that, they are designed to be able to assist you. You then have to work out what type of person are you. If you're visual, you might get images from them. If you're more auditory you might hear thoughts in your head. If you're more sensory like kinaesthetic, then you might feel things like get a sense of a hand on your shoulder that kind of thing. So, you have to consider who you are and how you are, as to how that communication will happen.

But to be honest, most people are getting information from their guides on a regular basis, and they just don't realise it's coming from their guides, because they'll have that song, that keeps playing in their head that they haven't heard on the radio for weeks, but they cannot get it out of their head. That is a really easy way of your guides, to give you some guidance. Just go and look at the lyrics. You know when somebody says something to you. And there's the answer that you wanted. And often that person doesn't even really know why they said it to you. They're just being used as the messenger. You keep seeing repeating patterns or numbers or symbols. That's your guide, getting your attention just making you look, if you like, over there. So, we get it all the time.

But you can just sit very quietly, and actually just give them permission to connect to you a bit more, because it's all done around free will, you know, so if you sit quietly and just invite them to come and just be with you. One by one, don't get them to come at once, that will overwhelm you, but just start with one building up a bit of rapport building up a basic relationship, you have to think of it a bit like dating. You might start with the odd phone call or the old text message, that shows how old I am, and then you might move on to having coffee and so on and so forth. It's the same with your guide, ask them to come and stand with you, and see if you can physically feel that, then maybe ask them to show you something you need to know in this moment and then just see what happens. I think the problem we have today is everyone wants everything immediately and guides don't work like that. If you ask them for help with something do not expect it to immediately appear in front of you. Leave it, walk away, go do something else, allow it to come to you in the right timing, and it will. Have a little bit of patience. That's where people struggle, they want it all now, and guides tend to be a little bit more slow. Also, they'll give it to you a couple of times. Yeah, you won't necessarily just get it once you might get a few little pointers to it, and they never break your free will so they cannot tell you what to do.

That's where people go wrong a lot of the times is they're asking the guides to do something that they can't do. So, if you're sitting there and going: “Guides tell me what to do”, you're going to get stony cold silence because they can't tell you what to do. So, the barrier is often people's expectation of what guides are there for, rather than they actually can't connect to them.

W.Z.: That's absolutely amazing. Thank you. I know that you also run a course on “Inspirational and Automatic Writing”. Can you tell us more about it? What is it? Is it for everyone?

S.T.-W.: Okay, So, I'm one of the few people who actually teach Spirit writing as a subject in its own right.

It comes from the fact that as a trance medium, many years ago, I was quite surprised that Chou started writing things down. I was starting to get written messages from him, as well as him obviously talking to people. And actually, I think in 2014 he started his own Twitter feed. So, spirit writing is literally just spirit communication but written down, or drawn. So, exactly the same as any other type of mediumship. It's about communication, it's about messages, it's just coming out in a written form, rather than perhaps a spoken form.

And just like mediumship, it has layers. So, inspired writing - that's your guides communicating with you; no different to them coming into your dreams or playing a song in your head. Pretty much anyone can have a go at inspired writing.

Inspirational writing is the next level up, that's equivalent to mental mediumship, so you can learn to do that. Some people find it easier to write a message down that they're getting from Spirit, then look someone in the eye and give them the message in the moment they find that a bit intimidating, they're better writing. But also, you can get slightly more information with the writing sometimes because it's more flowing. You can learn to do it if you have an interest in mediumship.

Automatic writing is then the trance end of the scale. So that's them coming in and doing the writing themselves, using you as a vessel, and that is not something everybody can do. Same as with trance. It's not for everybody. You can have a go, see if you like it, be curious about it, but don't be disappointed if it's not for you.

W.Z.: That’s such a good explanation, you made it so clear. You also offer intuitive coaching sessions. Can you talk a little bit about them too? Are they for everyone or, perhaps, just your students?

S.T.W.: Yeah, it's a tough one. It's one of the hardest things for me to explain about what I do, it's because it's very fluid. I've been a teacher, since 2006. But intuitive coaching is different, it is a mixture of teaching and guidance. Often, clients will come to me, and they don't have to be past students, they come because they need help with something and it’s “Who can help me with this?”. I get a lot of therapists coming in who want to bring spirit more into their work such as craniosacral therapists. Or they want to understand about energy and how that works in their practice. I get clients who come because they want help with intention setting, manifesting, connecting to their soul, or boundary setting, I do a lot of that. So, it's kind of fluid in what it's about. It's all based on what I've learned from spirit over the years, what I've learned from Chou and The Oracle, and, nearly two decades of talking to dead people for a living, all put into a spiritual context.

So, embodying spirituality in its simplest form, it's not about religion or belief systems, it's about energy, it's about spirit, it's about your soul. People will come to me with all sorts of things, you know, they'll bring something to me and ask “Can you help with this”? And often I can help them, or point them in the right direction, and get the ball rolling for them. As a stop gap maybe to needing to see a therapist, or wanting to have a session with Master Chou. It might be a stepping stone to that, because they may be a little intimidated by the idea of talking to him. A lot of the time it is working with people who want to bring spirit and a deeper understanding of energy into their work.

W.Z.: It covers such a wide variety of topics, that if anyone’s looking for a guidance it may be a good idea to book a session and just try it.

S.T.-W.: Yeah, often if people want to book a session, I'll ask what they want help with. Once they give me an idea of what they want help with I will know whether or not it sits in my ballpark. And if it doesn't, I'm honest with them because I don't want people coming and wasting their money. It's no good for them it's no good for me. It's important that I do feel I can help them.

So, anything to do with your soul, spirit, energy, but if you want to learn about mediumship, then that's a teaching session. They do overlap a little bit then, you know, there's a sort of a bit of an area in between the two, because I might be teaching you about your aura, or they might come because they want to do more with spirit in a mediumship form, and then that would be a teaching session.

W.Z.: Okay. It's tempting, I may book a session myself too.

S.T.-W.: If you have a need for help for something, bounce it off me and see if it's something that I can help with. The coaching is there as an open space where I can say these are my skills, can that help you?

W.Z.: You’ve also mentioned an aura. Let's talk about it for a moment.The aura and chakras are very trendy words right now, I’d like you to tell us what’s your understanding of these two terms? Are they the same or completely different things?

S.T.-W.: I think for me, where I get most upset, is that most of the conversations about our energy is chakras, chakras, chakras. Oh, and oh by the way, there's an aura.

No, no, no, no, you have an aura and oh by the way, you have chakras. All the emphasis on your energy system has got driven into the chakra system being the most important. It isn't. Your aura is the most important, your chakras are conduits for the energy to flow from one to the other. They're not the main part of your energy system. And actually if you focus just on the chakras, you won't solve all of the imbalances that might be there. If you're not working with the aura. So, aura first, chakras later.

Your aura is the energy that's around us, it's the energy that we emit. We all have an energy field. And if we were just a physical body without a soul, we would have a very simple aura. Most living things do. Because we are a dualistic being - we are a physical body with a soul, we have a much more complex aura. The energy emitted by the soul, creates a the more complex aura. That's the thing you need to start with. The aura connects to your well-being. If you want to work with spirit, you need to understand about your aura. If you want to be in your own well-being and healthy, balanced emotionally start to understand about your aura, chakras come later. The way I tend to explain it to people is: if you've got a house and you have a hole in the roof, does it really matter whether your toilet flushes? Because your chakra system is the plumbing, the electrical wiring. But if there's a hole in the roof, who cares, fix the hole in the roof. So, your aura is like your house, fix the roof, make sure the doors and windows shut, then worry about the plumbing, and the lighting.

W.Z.: I really like this explanation.

S.T-W.: Yeah, you’ve got to turn everything round. If everything goes into the chakra system, then you’ve got to come out and start working with your aura, because a lot of the bigger problems are out in the aura not in the chakra system. That's just a knock on effect.

A lot of the problems don't begin in the chakras they begin in the aura. Begin with the root of the problem, not just one of the symptoms. So that's why the eBook I’ve written is trying to get people to focus on your aura first, chakras will come later. And actually, if we can start balancing people's auras, they will have more sense of themselves, and be more balanced, needing less work on their chakras. So, they are linked, but they are also two different things. But actually, the aura is way more important.

W.Z.: Right. And you’ve just mentioned your eBook, it’s called: “Get Real About You and Your Aura”. What we can find in it, and where can we buy it?

S.T.-W.: Okay, the eBook is about bringing people's awareness to the aura. I talk about what it is in much more detail we look at how big it should be in structure. The eBook is written in seven chapters, and it's written with the intention that you can read it from beginning to end in one day.

And then you can work through it, as you need to, and you can go back to it anytime you need to as a reference. There are exercises in there, there are full colour diagrams in there. We explain where the soul comes from, where the soul resides, we explain the structure of the aura. There is a chapter on the chakras to put them into context with a proper diagram showing where they are supposed to be, and the colours. So, it's a work through, just guiding you through the importance of the aura, and how to just get it healthy for yourself. There are exercises for balancing it, and healing it, and clearing it, and starting the process. Obviously, if you've got more damage, I don't like the word damage but sometimes it's just the right word, then you might need to seek assistance from someone else, but it's a starting point for you to start taking control of your own energy and understanding why you might be exhausted, understanding why you might keep being overwhelmed by other people's emotions, understanding why you might feel spaced and out of it a lot of the time, that kind of things can refer back to the aura. We do it ourselves in day-to-day life we talk about people being in your personal space, you're talking about your aura. You know, being overwhelmed by people's emotions – “what's your aura doing?”- it's not behaving itself. So, it's a starting point, and it's a tool.

It is designed that you can go back to it anytime you need to, and go to an exercise to help with a particular situation that you're in. But it is also a starting point rather than the complete picture, because I'm only talking about the aura as a complete thing. Rather than the more advanced work, which we'll be dealing with the individual layers the subtle bodies, which will be much more advanced, and much more relevant for people who've experienced trauma. So, that's next.

W.Z.: Is it only available on your website?

S.T.-W.: Yes, it’s only available on the website it's an eBook. And as I say I was very clear I wanted you to be able to read in a day.

So it's not a weighty book that you will struggle to get through, you know, I wanted people to be able to read it, understand it, and use the exercises as and when they need it. That it's something you can go to time and time again when you want that little bit of assistance or a bit of a reminder. So, you start to have more control over your own energy and a better understanding of yourself.

W.Z.: It sounds really good.

S.T.W.: There's also the free eBook [“5 Wellbeing Steps for a Healthy Aura”] which is the short five steps, which is like a prequel, if you like, to the main one. So that's also on my website if people want to start with that. Before buying the main one.

So that's just five little steps to just get you started, whereas the eBook, as I said, has seven chapters, 11 exercises, there's plenty in there to keep people going for a while, and then they can always come back, come and see me for more detailed work, especially around the subtle bodies. There's a lot within the subtle bodies that can be done to assist people when they're going through healing any kind of trauma in their life.

W.Z.: Thank you very much Sarah.

If you’d like to find out more about Sarah’s work and her eBooks please visit: Trance Medium :: Get wisdom from Spirit to change your life

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