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The Spirit World is always willing to help us understand the lessons we need to learn during our journey in the physical realm, and guides us through when we ask.  Although I believe that all answers to our questions are within us, there are moments in everyone’s life when our inner compass needs recharging when looking for, often, a new sense of direction. And the Tarot can be used as one of the tools which may help with this process.

If you happen to be at a crossroads and have been guided to this site, these are the areas we can cover in the tarot readings:

·        love and relationships

·        career, new opportunities, creative projects

·        inner growth and spiritual development

·        guidance for future goals

Before you make the decision on whether it’s the right tool for you, it is important for you to realise that nobody can see or predict the future. We can only see a possible variation of what can be, but your future is for you to create and you create it from one moment to the next. Tarot reading can help you explore different options and add some clarity and understanding of the situation you're in. But the ultimate choice and decision of which path you want to follow is only yours.

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