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Tarot spreads for self-contemplation

Many of us think about love as of something external to us or gifted to us by others, rather than as of something that has a beginning in us. The intention of this ebook is to challenge your thinking regarding love and relationships, and to encourage you to look at yourself and these subject matters through a different lens; with the assistance from your Soul, your Spirit Guides and your tarot cards. 


Know Thyself – is the key theme of this ebook. Because everything in your life starts with you. Once you know yourself you know what or whom you need in your life.


This ebook offers a mix of theory and tarot spreads intended for a personal development and self-understanding. A workbook in a sense.

What you WILL find in this ebook are the subjects to ponder on regarding yourself, such as:

- your beliefs,

- your self-worth,

- your patterns,

- your self-judgement,

- your self-acceptance

- your self-love

What you WILL NOT find in this ebook are:

- tips regarding dating, 

- tips how to conduct a love-tarot reading, 

- the tarot cards meanings

Who’s this ebook for?

For anyone who has some knowledge of the tarot and wants to gain more knowledge of oneself; mainly in relation to love. But hopefully by the end of this ebook, you’ll understand the importance of self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-love and their impact on all aspects of your everyday life, rather than just on the romantic part of it.

Book details:

  • 37 tarot spread

  • PDF format only

  • Online download

eBook price:  £9.99 



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Limited edition - SOLD OUT

Twenty two deep-dive spreads based on the Major Arcana cards plus a bonus "Soul Searching Journey" spread and affirmations

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