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Wiola has been receiving intuitive messages from a young age but it was only many years later that she realised the value of her gift. She's been deepening her spiritual awareness and skills at such world-renowned venues as the College of Psychic Studies, workshops, one-to-one sessions and private circles.

Her interest in intuitive and philosophical matters led her to pursue a Master's degree in Philosophy.

As a keen reader herself, she initiated a #philobooksunday on Instagram where she posts, from time to time, books she thinks are worth sharing.

She also seeks inspiration in her Polish roots and delving into Slavic mythology, folklore and literature. Most recently she’s started a new blog exploring the links between them and the Tarot

Wiola combines her psychic and mediumship skills and works closely with her Spirit Guides to provide the most accurate information and guidance.  

To book a session, please go to Consultations. To find information about the online Monthly Tarot Meditations, please check the Tarot Meditations section.

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